About the course

With Sara Hurley

This course develops communication skills. and builds happier teams.

Sara brings her unique combination of being a communication skills coach and professional storyteller to this workshop, using creative exercises to explore the ordinary – extraordinary stories inside an Office Full of Tales.

Stories help us to connect and communicate with each other, to build trust and to listen well. By reflecting on what we say and what we do professional communication skills can be developed so that individuals work better together as a team.

People and places are full of stories and that includes the workplace. From a special mug in the cupboard to the memory of a first day, human beings are storytelling creatures who use language to build relationships and make sense of the world.

This workshop reminds us that we are all storytellers; complex humans trying to do our best within workplace demands.

By the end of the session participants will have Explored the art of storytelling Explored the relationship between sharing stories and building trust in the workplace Identified barriers to building trust Identified what helps to have kind and effective communication at work

Following the course, delegates will have enjoyed low pressure, creative time with colleagues, explored what it means to be a storytelling human and reflected on their personal communication style.

“Sara was, as always, prepared, calm, authentic, kind, supportive and appropriately challenging and constructive in her delivery and feedback. Above all she makes powerful learning fun!” Marie, Clinical Education Team Lead. Torbay NHS Foundation Trust
6 hours
Max 8 participants