It’s never too late to find the missing piece in your happiness jigsaw


Does your life look better on paper than it feels in your heart? Do you feel like something’s missing, but you can’t quite figure out what it is? We can help.

Uncover forgotten dreams and find purpose. Become brighter, bolder. Feel more free.

We were raised to believe that getting the house, doing the job, and/or raising the kids was everything. That looks matter. That when we got all of that right, happiness would follow.

But the reality isn’t that simple. And it’s not your fault!

If you’re feeling lost, it doesn’t mean you’re broken or just need to try harder to be grateful for what you’ve got. Instead, it probably means you’ve been neglecting a part of yourself.

Change is tricky. We know. We are here to help make yours feel as easy as we possibly can.

This course will help you get clear about who you are and what you want to get out of life. Are you ready for something great? Come on in. It’s time to shine.

“Melissa is an incredible facilitator; the perfect blend of playfulness and compassion with a deep integrity for the work which shines through.”

- Caroline, The Artist’s Way, 2020

Time to Shine

This course has the potential to support you through radical transformation.

Based on Julia Cameron’s book, ‘The Artist’s Way’, week on week we will uncover more of the parts you’ve learned to hide away.

There is absolutely no need to think of yourself as an artist, or even as a creative person. The whole point of the process is that you will reconnect with your natural creativity, and in doing so, learn to live a richer, happier life.

Each week will have a different theme, including

  • Safety
  • Power
  • Integrity
  • Bravery
  • Living in Alignment

The sessions are hugely interactive. A mixture of small group discussion, pairs-work and solo exploration.

To help you get the most from the experience, we will have a bonus 1:1 session at the mid-point. This is designed to give you space and time to discuss any challenges or curiosities, paving the way for you to get the most out of the second half of the course.

The Artist’s Way has been changing lives since 1992. Countless people have been transformed by the process. If you are ready to take significant strides towards finding your true self and living a more joyful life, this is the course for you.

"I first did the Artist’s Way in 2015 and it changed my life. For many years, I felt lost. When I began, I couldn’t say the words “I am creative”.
Oh how things have changed! Now. I cherish my creativity. It is a fundamental part of me and takes me on all kinds of adventures! I’ve done a stand-up comedy course, performed at poetry slams, have dabbled in all kinds of visual arts and am part-way through my first novel.
It’s more than that though. More than the time I spend being ‘consciously creative’. I am more alive, more open to all the possibilities for joy that are part of our everyday world. I’m more content, more vital and I never ever get bored.
This process changes lives. I have absolutely no doubts about its power. It worked for me and I would love to support you as you embark on your own transformation adventure.

“Melissa held the space for us all to explore some of the more challenging areas of our relationships with creativity in safety.”

- Caroline, The Artist’s Way, 2020

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