About the course

With Sam Chittenden

Many of us struggle to find a voice when it comes to speaking up for ourselves. We may be ferocious champions of other people’s rights but be quick to put our own needs so to one side. This course will help you speak up for yourself so your needs get met.

When we don’t express ourselves, or feel like we’re not being listened to, quiet resentment (and occasional storms) colour our lives. We keep quiet for fear of rocking the boat and end up living at sea from ourselves. It doesn’t have to be this way.

This course will teach new ways of being. New ways of communicating that increase the likelihood of being seen, heard, and met.

During the session you will explore
  • Working out what you want to say
  • What gets in the way when trying to communicate
  • Getting clear on your wants and needs
  • Communicating your message so other people find it easier to hear you
By the end of the session you will be clearer about your communication style and have an action plan to help you get your message across with confidence.

“Sam created just the right mix of challenge and support to enable participants to step safely out of their comfort zones”
6 Hours
Max 8 participants