About the course

With Melissa Noble

Living with a loved one’s diagnosis of dementia can cause immense strain. There can be so much uncertainty and so much fear about the future. This course will help you feel more positive.

It will help you come to terms with your situation and give you a fresh perspective so you feel better informed and find it easier to cope.

We will explore the emotional impact of dementia and identify practical strategies for making life feel better.

You will develop a toolkit of creative approaches so you and your loved one can find new ways of enjoying spending time together.

The course covers
  • Memory and the ageing process
  • The signs and symptoms of different types of dementia
  • The emotional experience of a dementia diagnosis
  • A “self-first is not selfish” approach to caring
  • How to connect through creativity
  • Where to turn for advice and support
By the end of the session, you will have a personal tool kit for responding to the challenges ahead.

You will also be invited to join a community for future mutual support and creative inspiration.

“The conversation has been brilliant and supportive. Superbly delivered – felt very relaxed and have learnt a lot. Leaving feeling much more supported and confident in how to develop.”
Abigail Smith, Heritage Centre Manager, 2021
6 Hours
Max 8 participants