Find direction and calm during this unsettling time

Culturally, there’s never been an easier time to experience menopause. Thanks to mid-life celebrities speaking out, secretly weathering the storms of change is no longer necessary. Instead, the debate about managing symptoms is held in the open, and people feel better informed.

This change in attitude and awareness is hugely positive. Yet one area which is still little talked about is the emotional landscape of this transitional time.

For many, the menopause journey is tumultuous. Old losses may reawaken. Big questions come to the fore. And time seems suddenly precious. We may begin to wonder if we’re making the most of life.

Perhaps you want to make changes but feel unsure where to begin. Maybe you’re craving something different but are unwilling to rock your current boat for fear of capsizing in a sea of uncertainty.

We know how profoundly unsettling these feelings are, but we believe connecting with creativity can make things easier. Creativity can help you stay steady and find direction.

Our courses will help you make peace with the closing of one chapter and embrace the possibilities of the next phase of life. We’ll show you how to use creativity as your cushion and your compass so you can boldly move forward with your life.