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Anyone who’s worked in a team at its best will know there’s nothing quite like it – the thrill of shared purpose, the joy of open communication and the deep sense of strength and security that comes with everyone feeling like they belong. When it’s present, brilliant things happen. Each person feels like they are doing good work without trying too hard.

Equally, we know the feeling when things aren’t working. That sense of off-kilter permeates through the fibre of the organisation. Perhaps it’s been there for years, or recent changes have brought things to a head. And often, everyone keeps muddling along, hoping it’ll pass.

It might pass. Or, you could take action. You could put your hands up and say, “This isn’t how it should be”. And that’s where we come in. We can take that discomfort away and help you and your team to find more creative ways of working.

Our sessions will empower your team leaders to feel confident to develop their teams to their full potential. We will help you find strategies that give lasting results.

Organisations that invest time working not only on tasks but on teamwork and individual development are not only nicer places to work; they generally are more innovative, customer focused and ultimately successful. It isn’t just good practice, it’s good business sense.

“Sam is confident, articulate, natural, & knows her subject back to front. I felt little lightbulbs, subtly going on everywhere.”

Coaching skills With Sam

This workshop is for line managers. It will give them skills and confidence in coaching so they can help colleagues and teams to transform.

At the end of the session, participants will have:

  • An understanding of what coaching is and what it isn’t
  • Practised a range of coaching-based communication skills
  • An understanding of and experience in using several
    coaching models
  • Developed an individual style and approach to coaching
  • Practised giving and receiving feedback
  • Identified their further development needs around coaching

After the course, delegates will have the skills to coach and develop their teams effectively.

We can also support you in developing your own in-house peer-coaching programme. Please contact us for details of this additional service

"Do you remember a time when someone listened to you talking about a problem, or maybe an aspiration, and just by the way they listened, and the few insightful questions they asked, helped you to see things differently; helped you to realise what action you needed to take; helped you to be really clear and committed to making a change? Whether they knew it or not, they were using the skills we will explore in this workshop. Great for work, relationships and life in general!"

“Sam created just the right mix of challenge and support to enable participants to step safely out of their comfort zones”

Deep-Action Learning

Action Learning brings together small groups of people from different areas of your business to develop problem-solving skills and solve real issues in real-time.

This programme will provide a space where your team can use Action Learning and Deep Listening skills to explore individual and shared challenges. 

Sam’s techniques build capacity and skills within your team, so they can tackle real issues while learning together and supporting each other.

The programme covers:

  • Understanding and practising a range of Action Learning approaches
  • Deep listening, reflection and feedback tools
  • Agreeing on targets and goal setting

By the end of the course, your team will be equipped with the skills to continue with an in-house Action Learning group.

"The whole is greater than the sum of the parts. When we bring together all the knowledge and experience held by a group of people, and enable them to share them in a safe and structured way, we can truly create new insights. I love working with people in this almost alchemical way."

“Sam and her colleagues bring a fresh perspective to development, and offer a dynamic and flexible approach. The evaluation of the programme evidenced significant impact on participant’s leadership skills, stakeholder awareness, and in supporting leaders to establish new organisational arrangements. I would recommend working with Different Development to develop individuals, teams or organisations in a practical and innovative way to embed learning in day to day working.”


Custom designed to help your business thrive

Sam couples well-established organisational development and psychometric tools with exciting creative approaches to develop teams and leaders.

With her strong track record in designing and delivering programmes for organisations of all shapes and sizes, she can create a bespoke package to develop your business.

We will build your course individually for your organisation and the issues you want to address. As an example of the areas we cover, common themes include:

  • Getting to know each other
  • Agreeing on ways of working
  • Improving teamwork and performance
  • Conflict resolution
  • Leadership skills

Please contact us to discuss your requirements

"Every business and team is different, and sometimes an off-the-shelf workshop or programme just won’t get to the heart of the challenges you are working on. We have a deep and wide experience of organisational development and team building, and can work with you to design interventions that will not only work but will stick."

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