Make self-care your priority

We imagine that when we’ve grown up, we’ll have all the answers. By the time we get to mid-life, we know that is a myth. Our courses will help make things clearer.

We equip you with the tools to handle whatever comes your way, making the difficult times easier to bear and the rest of the time more joyful.

By learning to listen to yourself and express your needs to others, you increase your chances of feeling seen, heard and met. This creates a solid foundation for caring for others and facing whatever challenges come your way.

Our nurture courses are designed to help you feel stronger and steadier. Your creativity can be an incredible tool. We will show you how to get the most from it. 

“I felt very listened to throughout the session. The exercises you did remind me there is still a ‘me’ here - and there is, within me, this inner wise woman and there are ways of connecting with her.”

- Emmie - 1:1 session, 2022

Dementia Connections with Melissa

Living with a loved one’s diagnosis of dementia can cause immense strain. There can be so much uncertainty and fear about the future. This course will help you feel more positive. 

It will help you come to terms with your situation and give you a fresh perspective so you feel better informed and find it easier to cope.

We will explore the emotional impact of dementia and identify practical strategies for making life feel better. 

You will develop a toolkit of creative approaches so you and your loved one can find new ways of enjoying spending time together.

The course covers

  • Memory and the ageing process
  • The emotional experience of a dementia diagnosis
  • A “self-first is not selfish” approach to caring
  • How to connect through creativity
  • Where to turn for advice and support

By the end of the session, you will have a personal tool kit for responding to the challenges ahead.

You will also be invited to join a community for future mutual support and creative inspiration

"The Dementia Connections course is close to my heart. I spent many years working with older people and witnessed time and time again the amazing impact creativity could have. It’s really important to remember that getting old isn’t all doom and gloom! This course will help shine a light on the possibilities for sharing more wonderful moments, whatever people’s circumstances."

"The conversation has been brilliant and supportive. Superbly delivered – felt very relaxed and have learnt a lot. Leaving feeling much more supported and confident in how to develop.”

- Abigail Smith - Dementia connections, 2021

Express yourself with Sam

Many of us struggle to find a voice when it comes to speaking up for ourselves. We may be ferocious champions of other people’s rights but be quick to put our own needs to one side. This course will help you speak up for yourself so your needs get met.

When we don’t express ourselves, or feel like we’re not being listened to, quiet resentment (and occasional storms) colour our lives. We keep quiet for fear of rocking the boat and end up living at sea from ourselves. It doesn’t have to be this way.

This course will teach new ways of being. New ways of communicating that increase the likelihood of being seen, heard, and met.

During the session you will explore

  • Working out what you want to say
  • What gets in the way when trying to communicate
  • Getting clear on your wants and needs
  • Communicating your message so other people find it easier to hear you

By the end of the session you will be clearer about your communication style and have an action plan to help you get your message across with confidence.

"Being able to express our true selves - to feel seen and heard and understood - is a vital part of what makes us human. But too often things get in the way. I’ve certainly experienced that.
I have been working with self expression for over fifteen years now, and it never fails to inspire and move me when I see people really showing up with courage and authenticity, whatever that might look like..
If this appeals to you, do get in touch for more info."

“Sam created just the right mix of challenge and support to enable participants to step safely out of their comfort zones”

Oi! What About Me?! With Melissa

Do you say ‘yes’ to things you don’t really want to do? Hear yourself saying “I’ll do that!” (and then thinking two seconds later “why on earth did I say that?!?”). You are not alone.

We’ll do some brilliant activities to help you break the cycle of taking responsibility for everything and everyone else first.  Learn to put yourself first without feeling guilty. Leave yourself energy for finding things that make your heart sing.

Wellbeing takes more than eating right, exercising well and optimising hormones. This day’s designed to help you work out what else you need.

The more you understand what it takes to make you happy, the easier it gets to choose how best to make use of your precious time.

We will explore:

  • Managing boundaries
  • Saying ‘no’ without the guilt and awkwardness
  • Nature practices to ground and centre 
  • Mindfulness to bring peace
  • Creativity for joy

You’ll get a toolkit of activities to take-away, making it easier to weave the lessons of the day into your everyday life. It’ll be uplifting and thought-provoking. This day is for you if you are  ready to start putting yourself centre-stage.

transform (1)
"Oi! What About Me?! is something all of us will have said at one point or another! Shrugging off the idea that putting ourselves first is ‘selfish’ takes some effort. This day is playful yet profound and it has the potential for big effects! Do get in touch for a chat if you’re curious."

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