Equip Your Employees With Creative Life Skills To Boost Morale And Improve Productivity

Do you want to make your workplace a happier, healthier environment where people give their best and do great work? Want teams that thrive? We can help.

Significant life events have always impacted our capacity to work, and home has always crept into our work lives. The rise in hybrid working leaves the boundaries more blurred than ever.

Connecting people to their creativity gives them fresh ways to deal with life – at home and at work. The result is an engaged and happy workforce with increased productivity.

In 2023, we launched our Wellbeing for Changemakers programme, in partnership with the Network of Wellbeing. 

We know change happens when people have the time to share their experiences and hear about the experiences of others.

We recognise people’s individuality and the richenss that comes from diversity in the workplace. We are committed to providing safe and welcoming spaces for all.


In house training can be a more cost effective option for you and your team. So, we've made sure all of our training courses can be delivered online or at a time, place and date that suits you. And we'll work with you to tailor our courses to match your needs. We offer a sliding scale so we can bring our services to a wide range of organisations. Please contact us to discuss your requirements.

And remember, whenever you buy from us, you are helping to make the world a better place. We’re a Community Interest Company; our profits are only ever used to do good work.

"If we are to work together more intelligently, we will need to choose processes that evoke our curiosity, humility, generosity and wisdom"

- Margaret Wheatley

Workplace Wellbeing

Wellbeing should be more than just a buzzword. Our courses are different from most. We’re confident people will come away feeling that it’s been time well spent, with the foundations set for lasting change. Choose from our signature sessions or create something unique.

Science of stress

Coping better with life’s challenges

Avoiding burnout

Recognising risk; maintaining balance

The power of empowerment

Managing boundaries; taking ownership


Organisation and Employee Development

Our sessions will empower your team leaders to feel confident to develop their teams to their full potential. We will help you find strategies that give lasting results.

Coaching skills

Empower line managers to optimise their teams

Deep-Action learning

Bring departments together to solve real-time issues


Team development Board development Leadership development

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