For the workplace

Equip your employees with creative life skills to boost morale and improve productivity

Significant life events have always impacted our capacity to work and home has always crept into our work lives. The rise in hybrid working leaves the boundaries more blurred than ever.

Connecting people to their creativity gives them fresh ways to deal with life – at home and at work. The result is an engaged and happy workforce with increased productivity.
"If we are to work together more intelligently, we will need to choose processes that evoke our curiosity, humility, generosity and wisdom."
Margaret Wheatley

How we work

We know change happens when people have the time and space to share their experiences and to hear about the experiences of others. So we work with small groups to facilitate this process. We recognise people’s individuality and the richness that comes from diversity in the workplace. We are committed to providing safe and welcoming spaces for all. Our sessions involve group discussions and practical exercises.

Occasionally we encounter course participants who feel they’re not creative. However, our experience in creating safe spaces empowers people to share as much or as little as is right for them in the moment. As a result, we guarantee that people will leave their session feeling like it’s been time well spent.

Our courses

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