Make up for lost time and find that missing piece in your life

Does your life look better on paper than it feels in your heart? Maybe you think you should be happy, but you’re not. Do you feel like something’s missing, but you can’t quite figure out what it is? We can help.

We were raised to believe that getting the house, doing the job, and/or raising the kids was everything. That looking good matters. That when we got all of that right, happiness would follow.

But the reality isn’t that simple. And it’s not your fault!

If you’re feeling lost, it doesn’t mean you’re broken or just need to try harder to be grateful for what you’ve got. Instead, it probably means you’ve been neglecting a part of yourself.

Our courses will help you find yourself and connect with your creativity, leading you to happiness. And if you’re reading this thinking, “How? I’m just not creative”: Yes, you damn well are!

Sadly most of us weren’t taught how to cherish our creativity. Our school system generally only supports those already supposedly ‘good’ at it. These courses will help you make up for the lost time.

You’ll learn simple ways of growing your creative confidence to find yourself, find direction and find more joy. It’s not too late. It’s never too late.