About the course

With Sam Chittenden

This one-day writing workshop is for anyone who harbours a curiosity about their writing potential whilst wondering how it can be used to gain direction and perspective.

You will use a range of creative writing exercise to help you connect with your heart’s desires.

It will give writers at any level of experience greater confidence in and clarity about their writing.

You will learn about yourself as a writer and a person.

By the end of the session, you will have
  • Explored what is most important to you
  • Used a range of writing skills to find different ways of expressing this
  • Begun to develop a unique writing style and identified what writing medium best suits your needs / desire for expression
  • Had the opportunity to share extracts of writing and learning/reflection
  • Received feedback (if desired)
You will come away feeling clearer about who you are and what you want from your life. You will have an action plan for future development and be inspired to continue exploring the potential for writing your way to a more fulfilling existence.

“Sam created just the right mix of challenge and support to enable participants to step safely out of their comfort zones. I would definitely recommend Sam as a workshop leader/facilitator.”
6 Hours
Max 10 participants