About the course

With Melissa Noble

This course explores the science of stress so delegates leave empowered to recognise their stress signs and equipped to respond to themselves in a kind and healthy manner.

When we are in stressful situations, our body releases chemicals to stimulate specific physical responses. If these chemicals are not used, they accumulate in our system. Over time, as our system begins to get more loaded with these chemicals, our capacity to cope with life can become reduced.

We get noticeably stressed more easily and can end up in a cycle of negative feelings, critical of our inability to manage whilst simultaneously being overwhelmed by the situations we find ourselves in.

This course helps people break that cycle so they feel better able to be kind to themself whilst they manage life’s challenges.

By the end of the session, participants will:
  • Have an understanding of the body’s chemical responses to stress
  • Identify their own stress triggers
  • Understand how to monitor and regulate their stress levels
  • Explored how stress presents in different people
  • Learn five stress management activities
  • Be inspired to continue developing their personal stress management tool kit
Following the course, delegates will have the tools to manage their own stress. They will also understand how stress presents in their colleagues so they can empower each other towards excellent self-care.

“I learned a lot – even when I thought I know about this! Understanding of how my brain works, tips on how to change my behaviour when I can’t control situations and how I choose to respond.”
Rebecca, Education administrator, 2021
3.5 hours
Max 12 participants