#12 days of doodling

Happy in-between week! Hope that you had the loveliest of times and are enjoying yourself today.

Whether you are back to work, caught up in visiting or buried under a mound of Quality Street wrappers - here’s a suggestion for a simple activity to bring a little Wednesday Wellbeing.

The more I do this type of easy doodle, the greater sense of calm that comes. It’s so easy to fit into the schedule. Doesn’t need any fancy kit. You can even do it in a room full of people and gift yourself a little headspace.

I’ve chosen simple shapes but you could go to town with colour/shading. Studies show that people find pattern pleasing. Repetition is soothing. As is the act of moving pen across paper. This form of creativity is a simple way of creating peace. It does something to our system. Settles us. Grab some wrapping paper & give it a go!

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