Happy nearly-Christmas! Hope that you’re managing to juggle with aplomb and not get too bogged down in all the ‘shoulds’ that can accompany this time of year. It’s tricky eh.

Feeling a sense of ‘goodwill to all’ gets a bit squashed by the need to tick everything off the list. Here’s something that might help, just a little. It might seem counterintuitive but trust me ....

It’s the perfect time for a random act of kindness. Doing something ‘just because’. No grand gestures - it could be letting someone go in front of you at the post office counter; tucking a little poem into a magazine, telling a stranger how fabulous they look. The possibilities are endless.

The payback? You get a massive glow from making someone’s day. And the chances are, they will take that glow and gift it forward. Ripple effects. Because really, that is what it’s all about. We are in this thing called ‘life’ together. Connecting with the other humans around brings a richness to our day.

Of course, it’s not always that simple. I’d been thinking about random kindnesses and was stood in the post office queue, gee-ing myself up to give it a go. I felt so awkward. Was pondering the tussle when, two ahead of me in the queue, a woman stood to the side and gifted her place to the the one behind her. She made it look so simple. They chatted. It was so lovely to see.

The gratutude felt seemed far greater than the cost. And the giftee got served more or less straight away so it didn’t really make a negative impact on her day.

Did it make me do it? No. I’m having a shy week. But I’m storing the inspiration and will do it when the time’s more right for me. I've got other plans ...

Sending you wishes for a wonderful Christmas. May yours be rich with kindness and full of ease.

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