Gear shifts

I hope that this finds you well and happy.

To be honest, this is a proper last-minute affair. I’ve been up since 5.30am, beavering away on the landing page for next month’s creativity session in Teignmouth. There isn’t a hard deadline as such. Thing is, I found flow.

It’s a great state - the sense of creative spirit is strong and vibrant. Trouble is, life has to continue. There are other deadlines (getting this written for starters!) I’ve got a couple of calls booked this afternoon, and panto rehearsals tonight.

So that’s the theme of today’s message: how to step away when everything’s going well, to leave fuel in the tank for everything else that needs to happen.

What do you do when you're in flow? Have you got any strategies for making sure you take care of yourself?

It’s not easy. The pull to keep working is fierce. But I know if I keep going, there’ll be consequences:

I'll forget

  • to eat (and end up stuffing a load of crisps in when I suddenly realise I’m starving)

  • to drink (and end up confusing the mounting dehydration with hunger) (and eat more stodge)

  • to move my body (= achy back/cronked neck + mid-afternoon slump)

  • I’ll take the calls but in a slightly hurried way (and this is not the energy I want to bring to my interactions)

So, I stop. It’s not easy. Have to tell myself a few times before I put the laptop down.  Am buzzing with creative energy and need to change gear.

Here’s what helps:

Do I manage to eat mindfully and stay fully present? No. My mind is on writing this. But in-between thinking about this, I hear the birds and I feel the breeze and notice the size of the Cyclamen leaves. And then, this pretty much writes itself and I’ve got time to sit and breath before the first call comes in.

Taking care of wellbeing takes conscious effort. When we’re full of buzz we need to take active steps to slow down.

Moving. Breathing. Noticing. Nurturing.

What do you do when you need a gear shift? Would love to hear your thoughts.

Hope that your afternoon is just the right mix of ease and adventure.

Melissa x

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