Oi! What about me?!

Hello! Our first in-person retreat of the year is coming soon. It’s going to be excellent and I’d love it if you came along. Does self-care somehow always get bumped to the bottom of your to-do list? Did you begin this year vowing to do things differently? Here’s your chance to make that change!

We’ll be spending the day in a stunning barn conversion in the middle of the Hampshire countryside. It’s the perfect spot for taking stock. 

You’ll spring into Spring with a fresh set of tools for taking great care of yourself.

You’ll get insights into why it’s hard to put yourself first. Many of us were brought up being told we were selfish if we asked for what we wanted/needed. I’ll be sharing some great tricks for getting past any discomfort. Change takes time. This will give you space to practice doing things differently. 

Imagine always knowing what you want and not being shy of asking for it!

Plus we’ll be taking full advantage of the gorgeous setting - so you’ll come away feeling recharged by nature, uplifted by creativity and all chilled out by some lovely mindfulness practices. It’s the perfect tonic for the end of Feb. 

ps: There are only 10 spaces available!! 

pps: early bird available until 10/02/24




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