Make Christmas Easy

It’s less than two week til Christmas day. Where are you at? Full of excitement and good cheer? Or caught in a loop of stress, wondering why you let yourself get tangled up year after year? 

It’s a complicated time eh. For many, the experience of the big day doesn’t match our perceptions of how it should be. On top of that, it can bring a lot of tender issues to the surface. 

So, today’s Wednesday Wellbeing message is a simple one. Give yourself permission to make it as simple as you want.

Wherever you’re at, pause and ask yourself “Why am I doing this?”

And if the answer is anything less than ‘because I enjoy it’ … well, perhaps this is the year for saying “I’ve made a decision and I’m not doing x / y / z this year”. 

It is possible to have the buzz and the contentment without any stress in the build-up. 

The world will not stop spinning. People will understand. Give yourself space to think about what you really want. In the end, everyone will benefit. 

Let go of some of the shoulds.  Choose easy. Then, when you’re doing the jobs that are still on the list, you can enjoy them. Be present. Feel into the love that is underpinning your choices. Gift yourself a little loving kindness.



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