Create the right conditions and creativity will thrive.

Our Principles

Our founding principle is ‘creativity makes lives better’.

We don’t just believe it. We know it. Through our own experiences, we’ve learned that tapping into your inner creative (yes, you really do have one!) gives you the power to live more joyfully.

We're all born creative

Sadly, some of us get it squashed at a young age. All is not lost! That creativity stays within us. It is a fundamental part of our individual human make-up. We can help you reconnect to yours, embrace your uniqueness and live more fully, at home and at work.

Community matters

We are a Community Interest Company. Our profits are used to provide lo/no-cost support to the Changemaker community. Changemakers are people who work to make the world a better place. By buying from us, you are helping us to help them carry on doing their good work.

We are incredibly excited to be hosting our first residential retreat for the Changemaker community in July 2024. More about that, here

Future plans

The idea for the Academy of Wide-hearted Living came from a desire to share our wonder at the power of creativity and the wisdom it brings. Right now, we do this through our courses.

As we develop, we plan to expand with a membership model, building a network of women-led creative businesses. We want a world where everyone believes that being creative makes life better.

“It was fascinating and fun - we all laughed a lot and I left feeling like I had done something worthwhile, that stayed with me.”

- Erica, Production Manager, 2020

Our Model of Wellbeing

The skills we help develop and the strategies we share are simple and practical. They don’t require any fancy kit or special space. And they have a wide range of applications. One size does not fit all, so we talk about a toolkit. The more well-stocked the toolkit, the easier it is to respond to challenges at work and home. We have developed a model of wellbeing that reflects this toolkit approach, making it easier to choose the right courses for you or your teams.


Sometimes we need a breather from everyday life to restore our equilibrium. To connect to ourselves and the people around us. We need a bloody good belly laugh.


Increasing our understanding of what makes us tick, helps us handle life better. Developing new skills and different ways of responding gives us power.


Stuck in a rut? Know you want something more from life, just not sure what it is? Our programme will help you figure it out.
It's time to shine.

Meet the team

We’re women who’ve learned the transformational power of creativity. Whilst different in background and experience, we are both driven to share our skills and wisdom. We want to empower other people to live more joyfully.

Melissa Noble

Hello, I’m Melissa; founder of The Academy of Wide-Hearted Living.
Connecting with my creativity changed my life and it’s my mission to get as many people as possible to get connected to theirs so they can experience the joy it brings.

I’ve had a really varied working life. In 2018, I trained as a Humanist Funeral Celebrant. Every ceremony was a reminder of how precious life is and this set me on a journey of personal discovery – what did I need to do, to make the most of my life? What conditions did I need to thrive, to really come alive?

We all have these questions bubbling away. Figuring it out is tricky! My hope is that the Academy can make it easier for other people to find their ease and happiness.

Developing the business involved overcoming a lot of challenges. Lots of other women seemed to encounter similar issues when they were trying to set up their own ventures. The Academy evolved from this realisation.

I was absolutely delighted that Sam and Sara agreed to join me as founding members. They bring a wealth of experience and together we can offer a really interesting and unique range of courses. It’s a celebration of a way of working where every decision is made for the greater good. We can’t wait to welcome you in.
1992 BSc. Applied Social Science Hons – (Health Studies) 2:1
2008 CIPD Certificate in Training Practice Distinction
2018 City & Guilds: Art and Design Merit
2019 BACP Level 3 Certificate in Counselling Skills

Sam Chittenden

Hello, I’m Sam; facilitator, coach, and theatre-maker.

My specialty is using creative approaches to help people harness their emotional intelligence for personal and team development.

I have 20 years of leadership experience in the NHS and understand how it feels to sit on decision-making committees and to have board membership. I am a qualified coach and mentor (ILM Level 7) and an accredited leader of The Mastery of Self Expression.

I am also Artistic Director of the award-winning company Different Theatre and in recent years have written a number of award-winning plays.

In 2015, my book “The Poetry of Leadership” won the Nautilus Prize.

I’m a firm believer in the transformative power of creativity and it is my absolute pleasure to be one of the founder members of The Academy of Wide-Hearted Living. Exciting times ahead!
Phd Biomedical Engineering 1987

ILM Cert in Executive Coaching and Leadership Mentoring

Member of the European Mentoring and Coaching Council

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