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Creativity is your superpower

We’ll help you connect with your creativity

You’ll discover new ways to deal with challenges and make life much more joyful

We teach different ways of responding to real-life issues, through workplace training and courses for individuals. You won’t find your average, run-of-the-mill wellbeing programmes here. Our courses are innovative and impactful, and they all have creativity at their heart.

You may feel you’re a creative person or be adamant you’re not. Wherever your starting position is, we’ll provide a safe space for you or your teams to explore creativity and reap the rewards.

Whether you’re an employer investing in the wellbeing of your staff or someone who’s feeling there must be more to life, we have the course for you.

"Melissa is an incredible facilitator; the perfect blend of playfulness and compassion with a deep integrity for the work which shines through."
Caroline, Executive Recruitment, Creative Transformation 2020

Our Courses

For the Workplace

Invest in the wellbeing of your staff to cultivate an engaged and happy workforce. You’ll increase innovation & productivity,
and improve retention.

For Individuals

Uncover your inner creativity to help you navigate life's bewildering path. We’ll help you discover what makes your heart sing.

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About Us

We’re women who work with creativity. Done right, it’s truly transformational. We’re on a mission to help you and the people under your umbrella develop creative tools for a better life. Our courses change lives.